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Deer Antlers (half, L)

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High quality, natural deer antlers for all dogs. Cut from 100% natural deer antler. Perfect for cleaning teeth, contains many important minerals.

75-112g in Large Size

In nature, our ancestors clean your teeth naturally. Frequent chewing and gnawing of meat and bones strengthens the teeth and gums and cleans them naturally. Today the dog receives a variety of nutrients, but tooth cleaning often falls by the wayside.

FRESCO antler snacks are the perfect tooth cleaning snack. The robust, hard structure of the antlers reduces existing tartar and promotes strong teeth and healthy, strong gums. The deer antler chews consist to 100% of natural Deer Antlers, which are thrown off by the deer in natural way annually. These are picked up by hand in the forest, then sorted and cut accordingly.

Due to their composition, FRESCO antler chews are extremely healthy. The antlers contain valuable minerals and trace elements such as iron, phosphorus, sulphur, calcium, magnesium, potassium and zinc.

Tested and approved by Lyla & Bella

Composition: 100% Venison

Guaranteed Analysis:
Protein 37,87%
Crude Oils and Fat 0,23%%
Moisture 7,81%
Crude Ash 52,2%
Crude Fibres 0,56%